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About LexyBox

LexyBox is a simple Lightbox script for displaying images and videos, but it's not just that. It can learn new things on the go that you may need in your project.

Supported media

  • Images: (jpeg, jpg, gif, png, svg, webp)
  • Video services: (youtube.com, vimeo.com)
  • Local videos: (mp4, ogg, webm)
  • Add your own


  • Keyboard and touch control
  • Able to learn new things
  • Handles large galleries
  • Fully responsive


LexyBox is written in pure JavaScript. You don't need any additional libraries like jQuery to run it.
Just download the package, link the css and js files and initialize LexyBox. It couldn't be easier.

<!-- CSS -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="lexybox/css/lexybox.min.css">

<!-- JS -->
<script src="lexybox/js/lexybox.min.js"></script>

<!-- Initialization -->

  // Set options
  var options = {

    // Options
    effect: 'horizontal', // ['horizontal', 'vertical', 'fade']
    theme: 'dark', // ['dark', 'light', 'classic']
    swipe: 100 // Threshold of swipe gestures on mobile devices
    loop: false, // Rewind lightbox on edges
    single: false, // Forces single mode
    pager: true, // Enables pagination
    preload: false, // Load all media at once
    autoplay: 5000, // Autoplay feature in miliseconds

    // Self-explanatory
    label_close: 'Close',
    label_prev: 'Previous',
    label_next: 'Next',
    label_pager: 'Pagination',

    // Callbacks
    before_open: function(media, active_index) {},
    after_open: function(media, active_index, html) {}
    before_move: function(direction, media, active_index, html) {},
    after_move: function(direction, media, active_index, html) {}
    before_close: function(media, html) {},
    after_close: function() {},


  // Init new LexyBox
  var lexybox = new LexyBox('.lightbox', options);

  // Selector for every situation
  // a[href$="jpg"], a[href$="jpeg"], a[href$="png"], a[href$="webp"], a[href$="svg"], a[href$="gif"], a[href$="mp4"], a[href$="ogg"], a[href$="webm"], a[href*="youtube.com"], a[href*="youtu.be"], a[href*="vimeo.com"]


Full HTML markup

Let's see what the HTML markup looks like to open Lexybox correctly.

<a href="{IMAGE_OR_VIDEO_URL}" class="lightbox" title="{TITLE}" rel="{GROUP_OF_IMAGES_OR_VIDEOS, not necessary}" data-lexybox-poster="{POSTER_URL for local videos}" data-lexybox-thumbnail="{THUMBNAIL_URL for pagination}">
  Open me up and don't fight me
Download LexyBox v1.1.8 Buy me a coffee if you want


LexyBox is primarily designed for displaying images in various formats. Let's see how he handles them.

You may be wondering how thumbnails are created in pagination. In the case of images and youtube it is simple. Thumbnails are created automatically depending on the service.
If you need a separate thumbnail (in the case of vimeo or local video, it's even a necessity), you can use the data-lexybox-thumbnail="{URL}" attribute with a link
to the appropriate thumbnail.

Of course, you can create groups using the rel="{SOMETHING}" attribute as you see here.


By default, LexyBox supports both the two most widely used video delivery services as well as videos hosted on a direct link.

We already know how thumbnails are created in pagination. But what about posters in local videos? It's as simple as a thumbnail.
Use the data-lexybox-poster="{URL}" attribute with a link to the thumbnail image.

Single mode

Sometimes it is useful to completely discard any movement within a LexyBox instance. There are three ways to do this.

  • Add a unique rel="{SOMETHING}" attribute to the link.
  • Have only one valid link per page. :)
  • Force single mode via options.


I don't realy know why, but you can load all media in LexyBox at once. Useful for small galleries. By default, however,
LexyBox will only load the active, previous and next media. This saves the user time and bandwitch.

Playground: Large gallery


At the moment LexyBox supports three basic themes. Dark, light and classic for those who likes retro.

But don't limit yourself to the built-in themes. If you specify NULL instead of the theme name in the settings, only the styles necessary for the operation of LexyBox will be applied.
If you specify a new theme name, for example theme: 'custom', LexyBox will get the .lexybox--theme-custom class and likewise disable all styles to make it easier to style.


LexyBox now supports three transition effects. Horizontal slide, vertical slide and fade.

It also adds the .lexybox-item--active class to the active slide, .lexybox-item--prev to the previous and .lexybox-item--next to the next slide
so you can change or adjust the effects as you see fit. It just takes a little knowledge of CSS.

As with themes, you can completely discard effects by assigning a NULL value to the effect key in the settings or create a new class with a different effect name.
In this case, only the active classes will be applied. Note that the media will not be switched. You must then write the transition effects yourself.
LexyBox will generate following class: .lexybox-effect--{NAME} for your needs.

Playground: Cinema effect

Public methods

Almost all functions in LexyBox are private and cannot be called from outside. However, there are three exceptions.

// Open lexybox
lexybox.open((array) media); // Applicable for dynamic galleries

// Close lexybox
lexybox.close(); // No mystery, just the closing of the LexyBox

// Add service to LexyBox
lexybox.add_service((string) service, (object) params); // This method takes care of a lot of fun

It's a lot of room for magic, but if you miss anything, feel free to drop me a line.


Yes, LexyBox is not limited to images and videos, but by its very nature can only do them to keep its simplicity and straightforwardness.
In short, it doesn't care what you teach it to display. Just tell it what to display and how. Hm... Pornhub?

// Add new service
lexybox.add_service('pornhub', {

  // HTML template
  html: '<iframe src="https://www.pornhub.com/embed/%code"></iframe>',

  // A function that finds and validates a URL link on a page
  finder: function(url, link_html) {
    return true;

  // A function that returns an object to replace placeholder tags in HTML template
  parser: function(url, link_html) {
    return {code: 'something'};

  // Function that returns URL of the thumbnail for the pagination
  thumb: function(url, link_html, params_from_parser) {
    return url;


Jokes aside, if you really need to add a Pornhub service you need to ask some good or pervy soul on stackoverflow or
write the relevant regular expressions yourself.

Playground: Local content, Confirm dialog

From GLOBAL variable

Of course, the method above allows you to add a service to a specific LexyBox instance. This is usable in some cases,
but mostly you'll want all instances to control the service. You can add a service or services to all of them at once.
Just make sure you add the services before each initialization of the LexyBox that is to control the service(s).

// Define variable in window object
window.lexybox_services = {};

// Add new service
window.lexybox_services['service_name'] = {/* the same object as in the add service method */};

LexyBox has four basic services: image, video, youtube and vimeo. You can override them, but why...

Dynamic galleries

I almost forgot. LexyBox doesn't have to work only with real HTML objects on the page. It can also handle media arrays that you pass to it via javascript.
We already know the public methods from the public methods.

    html: '<img src="images/jpeg.jpeg" class="lexybox-image">', // Or .lexybox-iframe, .lexybox-video.
    title: 'Fusce urna erat eleifend volutpat',
    thumb: 'images/jpeg-thumb.jpeg',
    html: '<img src="images/webp.webp" class="lexybox-image">',
    title: 'Ut luctus purus sit amet ultrices'
    thumb: 'images/webp-thumb.webp',
    html: '<img src="images/gif.gif" class="lexybox-image">',
    title: 'Donec rhoncus ut lacus ac tempor'
    thumb: 'images/gif-thumb.gif',
Open these images

Wait, what?

Who the fuck needs another lightbox? I, I do need free, simple, neat, small but powerful lightbox striped of all bullshit. You too? Take it...

Download LexyBox v1.1.8 Buy me a coffee if you want

What about licensing? MIT License all the way...


  • 1.1.8 - 27.02.2024
    • Minor bugfixes and optimizations
  • 1.1.7 - 28.09.2023
    • Minor bugfixes and optimizations
  • 1.1.6 - 24.11.2022
    • Autoplay feature added
    • Minor optimizations
    • Smaller UI
  • 1.1.5 - 02.11.2022
    • LexyBox now does not affect the font of embedded content
    • Serif font replaced by a sans-serif font
  • 1.1.4 - 29.10.2022
    • Gradual loading function added
  • 1.1.3 - 29.10.2022
    • Added the ability to add services from a global variable
    • Added the ability to write custom effects
  • 1.1.2 - 28.10.2022
    • Adding active classes for previous and next slide
    • Fixed bug with wrongly keyed labels
  • 1.1.1 - 27.10.2022
    • Added support for local videos
  • 1.1.0 - 22.10.2022
    • Added pagination function
    • Added classic theme
  • 1.0.0 - 16.10.2022
    • First relase

There is always something to do, and no software is flawless.